Secure Private Tamper-Proof End-to-End Encrypted Data Delivery to Any Verified Postal Address

Neither contents nor recipient's name(s) are disclosed to us nor the universe! Zero-code integration via our print driver. SDK/API integration available. Other message routing methods available (e.g. email address or mobile number)

Zero Knowledge

World's first: no contents and no name+address combinations disclosed to us

Zero-Code Integration

Install and set up our print driver and start sending; no hassles; no change to letter dispatch processes!

Free to Use

Consumers enjoy defense-grade security plus convenience for free!

Vetted-For Senders

Stop spam, phishing, sender spoofing and fraud via world's most secure method of reaching to your customers!

Enter a new age of digital post

A true replacement for paper post, insecure spoofing-affected texting or emailing, open-and-scan digitization methods and trust-full content/message delivery

Public Launch Notification

Enter your email address to be notified when CipherChest becomes available to the public.

Your email address is protected. CipherChest does NOT provide or sell your details to any 3rd parties.

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